Rosco - LED - Miro UV - Black

Rosco - LED - Miro UV - Black


The black Miro Cube UV Light from Rosco offers a 20,000 hr bulb lifespan, minimizing the inconvenience of regularly changing the lamps. It also contains fault detection and protection systems to prevent power spikes, environmental extremes, and mechanical failures from permanently damaging the cube. The light is designed to manage 50 W of LEDs in a 4" cube, allowing it to be used for small applications such as installed in a scenery piece or soffit. The Miro Cube is powered by a positive locking Neutrik Powercon connector and has one 5-pin XLR connector for DMX input and one for DMX output. For use without DMX, an intuitive full text LCD control panel allows manual control of the UV output of the fixure.

The 6600 mW of emitted power can be controlled and spread using the included set of lenses to create an extra long throw fixture or opened to full flood lighting for a wide expanse of light at a shorter distance. When tuned to a narrow 385 nm peak output, the cube's lights create a black light effect on fluorescent materials, such as paint and makeup. There is built-in dichroic glass technology for filtering out most visible light, removing unwanted indigo visible glow. The black light effect can also be faded with a full range of flicker-free dimming, and a filament mode can be set to mimic the fade of an incandescent lamp going black.Please contact us for your price

Optimal UV output creates black light effects on paint, makeup, and other fluorescent materials

High-powered LED emitters with a 20,000 hour life for a maintenance-free installation

Directly connects to 90 to 240 VAC mains power

Comes with a lens set including a 20° spot, 40° medium, and 60° wide flood

Flicker-free DMX dimming and control

Intuitive full text LCD panel for manual operation

Compact design suitable for mounting in small spaces or museum/themed installations

Auto temperature sensing with fault detection and protection

ETL listed

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